The World’s ONLY Patented Acoustic WATERPROOF Flooring Installation System.

  • Eliminate flooring failures
  • Save time and money
  • No moisture testing
  • No moisture mitigation
  • No vapor barrier, no problem
  • Environmentally safe
  • UNLIMITED moisture warranty
  • Life of the Floor Warranty

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Aquaflex®… we make flooring WATERPROOF!”

Below, is a list of a few of the many clients we service…

Aquaflex® Patented Acoustic
WATERPROOF Flooring Installation System

Aquaflex® Adhesive

Today’s high moisture floors need an extreme adhesive solution.

If the material used to adhere flooring is affected by excessive concrete moisture and pH; then why develop a costly protective barrier product that only adds time and money? Instead, why not make the moisture sensitive adhesives… WATERPROOF!

Adhesive failures have given birth to an entire cottage industry of moisture consultants, project delays, forensic analysis, moisture meters, ASTM F this & that testing, etc. The industry would have you believe concrete is some new discovery and we’re just now learning how to install on it.

At Aquaflex, we believe the most direct way to avoid moisture related issues is to focus the attention on the material that fails… 

AND GUESS WHAT?  It’s not concrete. It’s the GLUE! 

The cure to moisture/pH failure is to make the adhesive and concrete repair products WATERPROOF and pH-PROOF just like they used to be before this failure nonsense.  Like the stuff grandpa used to use. That’s all we did and the US, EU, Canadian and Australian Patent offices agree. Over a dozen patents and patents pending!

Aquaflex is not affected by exposures to high pH moisture or liquid water at any level. Aquaflex will cure immersed in Concrete Pore Water (ASTM D7705)* at pH 13.5 and remain chemically unchanged indefinitely, (third party verified). Independently insured up to $4 million per project!

Our system is Aquaflex®… it works great and we have millions of square feet installed to prove it.

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Concrete Repair Mortar

  • Our concrete repair products are formulated silica-free, waterproof and tested in conditions that far exceed the performance of standard cementitious materials.

  • ​Installation requirements, mixing, set-up and cure of our concrete repair products will be very familiar to most installers.

  • Aquaflex offers a full performance warranty on our concrete repair products with their application in combination with Aquaflex adhesives.

  • ​Combine our cementitious materials and installation tools with Aquaflex adhesive and you have a complete installation system fully warranted to 100% moisture levels from both the concrete substrate and topical sources.

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Aquaflex® Integrated WATERPROOF Flooring Solution

An Innovative New Concept

In our first patent we described elements within the composition of LVT backings materials that promote adhesive bond. We let the flooring manufacturers know, so they could begin efforts at improving adhesive performance. They didn’t listen, so we took the matter into our own hands.

Resilient flooring is a commodity and available everywhere, but not all resilient flooring is made the same. So, we set out in search of flooring materials that were readily available stateside in deep stock and meet the backing composition criteria described in our first patent. Only flooring manufacturers TESTED and CERTIFIED to demonstrate the highest bond strengths scoring 10/10 are approved. Aquaflex in combination with a 10/10 certified resilient flooring, will transform the installation into a completely WATERPROOF glue-down solution and warranted to UNLIMITED moisture exposure. Literally, what we’ve been doing for over 10 years and 15 million sq ft!

Our search has been a great SUCCESS! We’ve now partnered with numerous flooring manufacturers who test 10/10, to create the Aquaflex Integrated WATERPROOF Flooring Solution, hundreds of flooring materials with hundreds of visuals will be available bundled with Aquaflex and offered with “TurnKey” pricing. No moisture testing, no acclimation, no BS. All that’s left is the labor to put it down (and we can help you with that as well).

“At Aquaflex, we know WATERPROOF… we invented it.”

So far, 11 total patents including: US PATENT 9,068,103 9,822,288 10,308,847

How it Works

Aquaflex® is a proprietary moisture-cure technology invented by our owner (MADE IN THE USA) patented and warranted to be completely WATERPROOF, thermally stable, built-in acoustic properties and warranted to maximum pH levels of 14.

FACT: Flooring failures (due to elevated concrete moisture and pH) are not “failures of flooring” but are ALWAYS failures of adhesive.

So, if the problem is the adhesive, then the solution is simple… FIX THE GLUE!

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How It’s Applied

The Aquaflex Installation Process

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Save Time, Save Money, And Get Your Project Back On Schedule.

No Moisture Testing, No Moisture Limits, No pH Limits, No vapor barrier… No Problem!


This is for real! We have over 15 million sf under warranty in worst case-type scenarios and some of the largest retail clients in the world. Call us and speak to the Founder/CEO/Chemist/Patent Holder and Disruptor in Chief of Aquaflex directly.

Get ready to hear what no one in the flooring industry dares to say… the TRUTH. 

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Here’s What’s In Your FREE DEMO Kit


Here’s everything you need to get started using our Integrated Waterproof Flooring Adhesive Solution:

Waterproof Adhesive

Unit of waterproof adhesive specifically formulated for flooring type.


A specialty formulated, waterproof concrete surface repair (ie., “SKIM-COAT”)


All accessories necessary for installation (e.g. trowel, remover sponge, etc.).

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Aquaflex® Is 100% Red List Free

Aquaflex® is the world’s first patented waterproof acoustic flooring adhesive offering a new standard in UNLIMITED moisture resistance.

  • Green – Aquaflex is a 100% solids, “0” zero VOC, moisture-curable flooring adhesive, that meets CHPS low odor indoor air quality standards (IAQ 01350) and contributes LEED.
  • Avoid Mitigation – Aquaflex is not affected by exposures to high pH moisture or liquid water at any level. Aquaflex will even cure immersed in Concrete Pore Water (CPW)* at pH 13.5 and remain chemically unchanged indefinitely, (third party verified).
  • Easy Installation – Aquaflex is DEACTIVATED for a 12+ month shelf-life. Mixing is easy and the trowel hand is like warm butter!

The installation of resilient flooring with Aquaflex is nearly identical to that of standard flooring adhesive.

Simply trowel over SMOOTH, POROUS, CLEAN concrete.


  • Q: Hey David, did you get our folder and “Plunge” board?
  • A: Yes I did, and the board went through total water submersion, followed by deep freeze, followed by 115°F heat index on 145°F concrete. No debonding. Rather extraordinary performance. Hmm, I think you might be onto something. Smarty pants chemist, you are!!!  ?

David Paal


We have specified the Aquaflex Waterproof Installation System for moisture failures, some of the toughest high moisture problems and areas where high topical moisture performance is required with ZERO failures. No question that the Aquaflex Waterproof Installation System is the most cost and time effective solution for the installation of flooring materials in high moisture situations. Aquaflex is a complete system and is the gold standard.

Lenny Wachowiak


I have personally supplied over 1 million sf of Aquaflex for all types of high moisture projects across the United States. Aquaflex is shifting the paradigm when it comes dealing with both the time and cost constraints of high moisture flooring installations. Save time & money, be green, and buy USA!. That's what Aquaflex is all about!



For over 45 years I’ve watched products come and go. The first time I tested and used Aquaflex over 10 years ago I realized instantly that moisture mitigation had run its course. An entire cottage industry now exists centered around moisture mitigation and focused with the misunderstanding that moisture failure is a concrete problem. Aquaflex took a different approach and simply made a better glue, now evolved into a revolutionary waterproof installation system. Anyone can make things more complicated. It takes a genius to make it simple. Aquaflex has been for over a decade.


Aquaflex®… the CURE for high moisture concrete installations

Aquaflex is the world’s first patented waterproof flooring installation system. This revolutionary system consists of the Aquaflex adhesive, a fully waterproof solution with the ability to cure underwater (now in DEACTIVATED form for extended shelf-life); Aquaflex Patch & Skim, an entirely silica-free concrete repair mortar; the patented Aquaflex CBD trowel; and the Aquaflex Remover Kit, a bio-based presoaked sponge for easy clean-up. ALL MATERIALS ARE MADE IN-HOUSE IN THE USA!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The initial formulation of Aquaflex was introduced in 2006. The Aquaflex system has evolved over time to include formulations for virtually all types of resilient, rubber and wood flooring. Formulators has also innovated waterproof skim-coat materials and a unique trowel design to enhance the overall Aquaflex package. The Aquaflex Waterproof Installation System is patent protected in the US, Canada, Australia and the European Union by currently 9 patents with additional patents pending.  Aquaflex has been nationally specified by many retail store clients including; Bed, Bath & Beyond, Rite Aid, CVS, Walgreens, Kroger, Burlington, TJX and Walmart, to name a few. Aquaflex is also specified by several major health care providers, residential architects, several Design/Build firms and school systems.
Aquaflex Patch & Skim is certified SILICA-FREE, the adhesive is “0” VOC, qualifies FloorScore, has passed the California Section 01350 emissions test every year for over a decade, conforms to MAS Certified GREEN Program, LEED v4.1 ID+C, BD+C, LEED TVOC Emissions at 14 days and CHPS Core Criteria 3.0 EQ C6.1.1.  
Recently the International Living Future Institute certified Aquaflex adhesive and Patch & Skim Declare. RED LIST FREE.
Manufacturers voluntarily disclose product information on easy-to-read Declare labels. These labels report all product ingredients and use a simple color code system to flag chemicals of concern. Further information is provided on the product’s final assembly locations, life expectancy, end-of-life options, and overall compliance with relevant requirements of the Living Building Challenge (LBC).  

Aquaflex is possibly the GREENest flooring installation system available in the world!

When using Aquaflex it is NOT necessary to conduct ANY moisture evaluations prior to installation per ASTM F1869, F710 or F2170 respectively. Aquaflex does not require a sub-slab moisture vapor barrier exists (ASTM E-1745). Aquaflex is completely waterproof, it just doesn’t matter.
The Aquaflex system is sold by the square-foot and delivered by the “unit”. Aquaflex is more expensive than traditional moisture resistant adhesives; however traditional adhesives simply do not measure up to the “UNLIMITED” level of moisture/pH performance, topical moisture warranty and speed of cure offered by Aquaflex.  Aquaflex is a patented system.  The polymer is created IN-HOUSE and not available for commercial purchase.  ANY manufacturer claiming similar chemistry or performance is in DIRECT or at least INDIRECT conflict with Aquaflex patent protections.
The warranty for adhesive bond is an implied warranty provided by the flooring manufacturer. The adhesive is manufactured by a third party and the expressed warranty of construction lies solely with them. Epoxy mitigation is of no consequence and has no legal impact on the flooring manufacturers warranty claim. Probably why they like recommending it. Epoxy mitigation is simply a recommendation, never a condition of sale.
Aquaflex should be recommended whenever moisture measurements per ASTM F2170 exceed 90%RH. Keep in mind that ASTM F 2170 has a margin of error of +/- 3% above 90% insitu RH. 90%RH is a good line of demarcation. 90%RH represents the typical performance threshold for water based flooring adhesive. Remember it’s not the moisture in the concrete but the elevated pH that destroys (i.e., hydrolyzes) the adhesive. This means that the flooring industry never actually measures the true cause of flooring failure. THAT’S RIGHT!, the ASTM tests are not testing what causes adhesive failures in the first place! If the floor is expected to receive excessive maintenance procedures than mitigation may not be effective.  Topical sourced moisture is excluded from warranty consideration for all high moisture solutions available, save for one… Aquaflex.
Shelf life is limited to 12 months from the date of manufacture. Aquaflex is freeze-thaw stable but must be stored in an unopened container between 70°F and 80°F.
Formulators takes great care to ensure that flooring contractors understand how to use Aquaflex, especially if they have never used it before. Formulators hires experienced industry professionals who are available to consult with flooring contractors on the proper application of Aquaflex and what to do if they might experience any problems. For larger projects, training and installation startup services are available. Aquaflex is a high solids, moisture cured “wet set” adhesive that is easy to install as long as the directions are followed. Troweling Aquaflex does not require any special technique. It uses the same trowel techniques as any other “wet set” resilient flooring adhesive.  Contrary to popular opinion, “wet-set” is not slower than “dry-set” techniques.  We’ve demonstrated this in the field countless times.  Please refer to the Modified “Wet-Set” Installation Process information.
Aquaflex resists moisture as follows:
  • ASTM F 1869 – NO LIMITS
  • ASTM F 2170- NO LIMITS
  • Aquaflex has NO pH LIMIT.
  • Aquaflex actually cures under water.
We have all heard the claim, that some flooring manufacturer somewhere, will not honor their advertised warranty if an alternate adhesive is used. While many manufacturers will state this to protect their financial interests, it doesn’t square with current Federal law. In every case, warranty rests with the manufacturer, not its representative. In the United States, it’s against the law for manufacturers to withdraw warranty of a product after it has been sold. In every case, the adhesive manufacturer alone is responsible for warranty pertaining to adhesive bond performance. Flooring manufacturers DO NOT produce adhesive. Instead, they resell adhesive under a private label arrangement similar to any building products distributor. When a flooring manufacturer combines their performance warranty to an adhesive manufacturer’s bond warranty, they create what is referred to in legal terms as a “Tie-In” warranty. The “Tie-In” warranty is against the law and has been since 1975 with passage of the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act (MMWA). MMWA is a federal statute that was enacted by congress to protect consumers when warranties are provided by manufacturers. MMWA is regulated by the Federal Trade Commission and specifically restricts the use of “Tie-In” warranties making them illegal and unenforceable.
Aquaflex has been tested with virtually all flooring materials. Aquaflex is available in several formulations suitable for use with VCT, Sheet Vinyl (VSF), Rubber, Lino, Wood, SPC, LVT and some various “One Off” specialty materials.
Each unit of Aquaflex includes:
  • Aquaflex adhesive in a foil bag supplied inside a 4 or 2 gallon poly bucket.
  • A separate ACTIVATOR packet is enclosed to be mixed at time of use.
  • A trowel specifically designed for the flooring being installed.
  • A trowel handle.
  • Waterproof floor patch (skim-coat) is available.
  • Adhesive remover that can be used to clean adhesive from flooring or tools.
  • Repair kits are also available for 15sf, 100sf and 250sf areas.
Floor preparation is very simple, just remove the existing floor, adhesive and achieve a level of porosity as described in ASTM F710. SMOOTH, POROUS and CLEAN. Afterwards, vacuum and give the area a good mop.  We prefer to describe the concrete surface as either porous or non-porous, rather than by profile.