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Aquaflex® Patented Acoustic

WATERPROOF Flooring Installation System

Moisture Barrier + Adhesive = Aquaflex

Tired of the Moisture Testing, Moisture Mitigation Change Orders, Moisture Consultants… the flooring industry’s Moisture Games? We have the CURE… Aquaflex. A complete acoustic WATERPROOF installation system with a proven track record and over 20 million sq ft of floor under warranty to prove it.

Aquaflex… putting moisture consultants and mitigators out of business everyday.

the adhesive

Aquaflex® Adhesive

Moisture related flooring failures are not a failure of flooring… but a failure of the flooring installation materials. We’re talking GLUE.

Aquaflex is Self-Mitigating! Adhesive and Moisture Barrier in one.

The Fallacy of Moisture Mitigation – If the adhesive used to adhere flooring is affected by elevated concrete moisture and pH… then why develop a costly protective barrier product that adds time and money?

Instead, make the moisture sensitive adhesives… WATERPROOF!

Adhesive failures have given birth to an entire cottage industry of moisture consultants, project delays, forensic analysis, moisture meters, ASTM F this & that testing, etc. The industry would have you believe concrete is some new discovery and we’re just now learning how to install flooring over it. THEY”RE WRONG.

At Aquaflex, we believe the most direct way to avoid moisture related issues is to focus on the material that fails in every case…

AND GUESS WHAT? It’s not concrete. It’s the GLUE!

the repair

Aquaflex® Patch & Skim

  • Our concrete repair products are formulated silica-free, waterproof and tested in conditions that far exceed the performance of standard cementitious materials.
  • ​Installation requirements, mixing, set-up and cure of our concrete repair products will be very familiar to most installers.
  • Aquaflex offers a full performance warranty on our concrete repair products with their application in combination with Aquaflex adhesives.
  • ​Combine our cementitious materials and installation tools with Aquaflex adhesive and you have a complete installation system, fully warranted to 100% moisture levels from both the concrete substrate and topical sources.

How it Works

How it Works

How it Works

Aquaflex® is a proprietary moisture-cure technology invented by our owner (MADE IN THE USA) patented, WATERPROOF, thermally stable, with built-in acoustic properties (ΔIIC 14) and warranted to maximum pH levels of 14.

Prepare concrete SMOOTH & CLEAN, that’s it. Aquaflex will bond to nonporous, polished, sealed or even epoxy-coated concrete.

Bi-Functional Application – install using either Wet-Set or Dry-Set techniques. The adhesive will transition hard after 3hrs.

FACT: Flooring failures (due to elevated concrete moisture and pH) are not “failures of flooring” but are ALWAYS failures of adhesive.

So, if the problem is the adhesive, then the solution is simple…


Save Time, Save Money

Save Time, Save Money

Save Time, Save Money, And Keep Your Project On Schedule.

No Moisture Testing, No Moisture Limits, No pH Limits, No vapor barrier… No Problem!


This is for real! We have over 15 million sf under warranty in worst case scenarios, with some of the largest retail clients in the world. Call us and speak to the Founder/CEO/Chemist/Patent Holder and Disruptor in Chief at Aquaflex directly.

Aquaflex 100% Red List Free

Environmental Profile

Aquaflex 100% Red List Free

Sustainable Sites (SS) SS Credit 9

Tenant Design and Construction Guidelines

Innovation in Design (ID) ID Credit 1

Optimize Energy Performance

Materials & Resources (MR) MR Credit 4

Recycled Content

Materials & Resources (MR) MR Credit 5

Regional Materials

Materials & Resources (MR) MR Credit 6

Rapidly Renewable Materials

Indoor Envir. Quality (IR) IEQ Credit 3.2

Construction Indoor Air Quality Management Plan – Before Occupancy

Indoor Envir. Quality (IR) IEQ Credit 4.1

Low-Emitting Materials-Adhesive and Sealants

Indoor Envir. Quality (IR) IEQ Credit 4.3

Low-Emitting Materials-Flooring Systems

Indoor Envir. Quality (IR) IEQ Credit 10

Mold Prevention

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