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Aquaflex Adhesive

Aquaflex Adhesive

Today’s high moisture floors need an extreme adhesive solution.

If the material used to adhere flooring is affected by excessive concrete moisture; then why develop a costly protective barrier product that only adds time and money? Instead, why not make the moisture sensitive adhesives… waterproof.

Adhesive failures have given birth to an entire cottage industry: moisture consultants, litigation, investigation, forensic analysis, moisture meters, moisture testing, ASTM tests, project delays, change orders for mitigation, etc. The industry acts like concrete is some new discovery and we’re just now learning how to install flooring. Sorry, it’s been around for 2,000 years!

At Aquaflex we believe the best, most direct way to avoid moisture related issues is to focus our attention on the material that fails.  Guess what?  It’s not concrete. It’s the installation material.  The CORRECT answer is to make the adhesive and concrete repair products moisture tolerant like they used to be.  Like the stuff grandpa used to use. That’s all we did and the US Patent office agrees.

Our system is Aquaflex… it works great and we have millions of square feet installed to prove it.

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Concrete Repair Mortar

Concrete Repair Mortar

  • Our concrete repair products are formulated silica-free, waterproof and tested in conditions that far exceed the performance of standard cementitious materials.
  • ​Installation requirements, mixing, set-up and cure of our concrete repair products will be very familiar to most installers.
  • ​Formulators offers a full performance warranty on our concrete repair products with their application in combination with Aquaflex adhesives.
  • ​Combine our cementitious materials and installation tools with our adhesives and you have a complete installation system fully warranted to 100% moisture levels from both the concrete substrate and topical sources.

Concrete Self-Leveling

Available Soon...

We are working on an innovative SILICA-FREE waterproof self-leveling underlayment. This material will extend our repair options to allow a quick 1/8th” application for easy LVT installations in remodel or take-over space. Cure sufficient for adhesive application in 3hrs or less.

How it Works

Aquaflex uses a patented moisture-cure technology warranted to be completely waterproof and insensitive to maximum pH levels of 14. If flooring failures (due to elevated concrete pH/moisture) are always related to adhesive failure, then the solution is simple…



  • 1 Concrete
  • 2 Adhesive
  • 3 Tile


  • 1 Concrete
  • 2 Vapor Barrier
  • 3 Primer
  • 4 Cement
  • 5 Adhesive
  • 6 Tile

How It's Applied


Prep the floor

Prep the floor

Moisture testing prior to installation per flooring manufacturers instruction is NOT a condition of warranty. All concrete surfaces must be prepared prior to adhesive application per ASTM F710, level, firm, SMOOTH, POROUS and CLEAN. Mechanical bead-blasting is NOT recommended.

Fill pop-outs, cracks, holes, and depressions using only Aquaflex Patch & Skim. The concrete MUST be SMOOTH, POROUS and CLEAN in order to facilitate bonding with Aquaflex.

If the project is a remodel, remove old adhesive with an appropriate cut-away disk attachment.

To determine SMOOTH, gauge the concrete surface using a painter’s edge or carpenter’s level. A gap in excess of 1/16” may telegraph resulting in visual lippage.

Finish the use of Aquaflex Patch & Skim products by sanding, vacuuming and giving the slab a mop for final dust removal.

DO NOT use sweeping compounds.

Spread the adhesive

Spread the adhesive

Acclimate all materials prior to beginning the installation process. Due to varying concrete substrate conditions it is always recommended that an adhesion and porosity test be performed prior to installation. Refer to the flooring manufacturer on proper installation method.

Consult technical service for job specific recommendations.

Use the supplied trowel with each unit, one unit covers approx. 800sf. Layout areas in sections, establish a section size that is easy to manage.

Never spread more adhesive than can be installed in 1hr.

TROWEL ACCURATELY, do not leave clumps or “snake tracks” of glue. Upon opening pail, slice open the foil bag and pour adhesive into pail. Apply adhesive until the pail is ½ empty then switch to a new trowel edge. If adhesive is left in pail for storage, it will skin over. Prior to using stored material, remove the adhesive skin. Aquaflex adhesives should never be used as a strategy for leveling a concrete surface.

DO NOT use Aquaflex adhesives to fill gaps, cracks, pop-outs, saw-cuts or voids of any kind in the concrete.



For a Walk-Off-Work or Wet-Set method, place the tile into the adhesive early. Trowel only what you can place in a 20 minute window. Some LVT flooring materials perform better with this method, see our SOP list for material specifics.

Allow the tile to rest for 45 minutes in place and roll. Roll again 30mins after.

DO NOT leave gaps of adhesive at the edge line.

Clean off excess glue prior to moving on. Aquaflex has extremely aggressive bonding characteristics. All set and cure times provided are approximate and can vary with site, temperature and substrate condition.

Roll flooring once approx 20mins after flooring is set with an articulated 100lb roller lengthwise, and then again at a right angle to the first line of direction per flooring manufacturer’s instructions.

Caution: excessive rolling can create lippage with some rigid flooring products over less than smooth concrete.



Aquaflex will cure to 85% strength within 3hrs.

The final strength of the reactive Aquaflex bond is 300% stronger than standard water b-based emulsion or “Acrylic” adhesives.

After 3hrs light foot and roll traffic is acceptable.

Aquaflex is waterproof out of the bucket. In fact, Aquaflex cures underwater!

After 3hrs the flooring material can receive wet-cleaning processes or wax-type finishing.

The finished installation now has a waterproof bond warranted to perform exposed to UNLIMITED concrete moisture and topical flood!

Save Time, Save Money, And Get
Your Project Back On Schedule.

Your Project Back On Schedule.

No Moisture Testing, No Moisture Limits, No pH Limits… No Problem!
This is for real! We have 10 million sf under warranty and some of the largest retail clients in the world. Call us and speak to the Founder/CEO/Chemist and inventor of Aquaflex directly.

Get ready to hear, what no one in the flooring industry dares to say.

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AquaflexONE Certified Affiliate Dealer List

Find a certified aquaflex dealer for your project in your region or join our certified dealer network!

Apply for our certification program and receive a discount on the Aquaflex Waterproof Acoustic Installation System. We want to reward our Dealer/Installers who see moisture as an adhesive problem, and one solved by waterproof adhesive chemistry. If you’re an Epoxy Moisture Mitigation (EMM) installer know this, OUR GUYS ARE COMING FOR YOU! If you’re a GC, retailer or building owner, then visit our list and …


Call us and we’ll have an Aquaflex Certified Affiliate Dealer contact you directly.

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Here's everything you need to get started using our "All-In-One" Waterproof Flooring Adhesive Solution:

  • Waterproof Adhesive

    Waterproof Adhesive

    Unit of waterproof adhesive specifically formulated for flooring type.

  • Concrete Repair Products

    Concrete Repair Products

    Series of specially formulated, waterproof concrete repair products.

  • Installation Accessories

    Installation Accessories

    All accessories necessary for installation (e.g. trowel, remover sponge, etc.).

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Be Green And Environmentally Safe


Aquaflex LEED Contribution

All that is required to formulate and produce environmentally sensitive installation materials is a few good ideas and time invested in the lab.

  • Easy: No shot-blast
  • Fast: No mixing, simply spread, set and roll
  • GREEN: Aquaflex is GREEN, non-hazardous, odorless and having bio-based, sustainable content
  • ​​LEED: Aquaflex will qualify
  • ​​Safe: Aquaflex passes CHPS IAQ 01350 with flying colors
  • Zero “0” VOC: Aquaflex is “0” zero VOC when measured by ASTM D6886
  • Pressure Sensitive Characteristics: Up to 2hrs of “working time” to set tile
  • Universal: Works with any flooring tile material, rubber to VCT to LVT to carpet tile to vinyl sheet
  • Performance: Warranted to an UNLIMITED moisture level, top to bottom

Aquaflex Is 100% Red List Free

Aquaflex is the world’s first patented waterproof acoustic flooring adhesive offering a new standard in UNLIMITED moisture resistance.

  • Green – Aquaflex is a 100% solids, “0” zero VOC, moisture-curable flooring adhesive, that meets CHPS low odor indoor air quality standards (IAQ 01350) and contributes LEED.
  • Avoid Mitigation – Aquaflex is not affected by exposures to high pH moisture or liquid water at any level. Aquaflex will even cure immersed in Concrete Pore Water (CPW)* at pH 13.5 and remain chemically unchanged indefinitely, (third party verified).
  • Easy Installation – Aquaflex is one part and does not require mixing or mechanical concrete surface prep as defined by the ICRI standard (i.e., bead blasting or concrete grinding NOT required).

The installation of resilient flooring with Aquaflex is nearly identical to that of standard flooring adhesive.

Simply trowel over SMOOTH, POROUS, CLEAN concrete.


The Gold Standard!

We have specified the Aquaflex Waterproof Installation System for moisture failures, some of the toughest high moisture problems and areas where high topical moisture performance is required with ZERO failures since 2012.

No question that the Aquaflex Waterproof Installation System is the most cost and time effective solution for the installation of flooring materials in high moisture situations.

Aquaflex is a complete system and is the gold standard.

Lenny Wachowiak


I have personally supplied over 1 million of Aquaflex for all types of high moisture projects across the United States.

Aquaflex is shifting the paradigm when it comes dealing with both the time and cost constraints of high moisture flooring installations.

Save time & money, be green, and buy USA!.

That's what Aquaflex is all about!



For 45 years I’ve watched products come and go. The first time I tested and used Aquaflex over 10 years ago I realized instantly that moisture mitigation had run its course. An entire cottage industry now exists centered around moisture mitigation and focused with the understanding that moisture failure is a concrete problem.

Yet, moisture mitigation provides this protection from moisture in one direction only.

Aquaflex took a different approach and simply made a better glue, now evolved into a revolutionary waterproof installation system.

Anyone can make things more complicated.

It takes a genius to make it simple. Aquaflex has been for a decade.


Mohawk Group

Aquaflex Adhesive System Is Now Part Of Mohawk Group's Portfolio Of Project Solutions

Mohawk Group now offers an industry-leading patented waterproof flooring installation system with the addition of Aquaflex® M100Plus. The revolutionary system consists of Aquaflex M100Plus Adhesive, a fully waterproof solution with the ability to cure underwater; Aquaflex M100Plus Patch & Skim Mix, an entirely silica-free concrete repair mix; and Aquaflex M100Plus Adhesive Remover.

Our Founder's Story



Our founder, Benny Dickens was born and raised in rural Arizona where his family for several generations worked as local commercial and residential contractors.


New Mexico State University – BA Chemistry Benny started all 4 years at defensive line, was named Captain of the NMSU football team and earned All-Conference and Academic All-American honors.
California State University, Long Beach – MS Biochemistry Benny was a teaching/research assistant. While completing his eventual Master’s Degree, Benny was recruited by GAF Chemicals to be part of their West Coast Sales/Technical team.

Work Experience

GAF Chemical – While completing his eventual Master’s Degree, Benny was recruited by GAF Chemicals (at the time a Fortune 500 company) to be part of their West Coast Sales/Technical team. In 1990, in his second year with the company Benny was awarded Worldwide ‘Sales/Tech of the Year’.
3V Chemical – Following GAF, at age 26 Benny became the youngest Regional Manager in the history of 3V Chemical, handling 9 industries and the entire western US.
Formulators – Seeking to satisfy his entrepreneurial spirit, Benny started Formulators in 2000. First producing private label moisture resistant adhesives, automotive products and textile auxiliaries. In 2003, Benny developed the first ‘8lb MVER Limit’ adhesive and the industry’s first moisture vapor retarding system. Benny eventually began branding his own products.


In 2010, after 4 years of research and development with the goal to eliminate the need for epoxy moisture mitigation (EMM), Benny introduced to the flooring industry the Aquaflex Waterproof Acoustic Flooring Installation System. Aquaflex is a ‘WORLD’S FIRST, cures under water and is stable to a maximum pH 14.0 exposure INDEFINATELY. Aquaflex was and still is light years ahead of conventional adhesive performance. Aquaflex adhesive was soon followed by the flooring industries first SILICA-FREE and waterproof concrete surface repair mortar called Aquaflex Patch & Skim.

Today, Benny remains 100% owner/operator of both Formulators (the parent company) and Aquaflex, Inc. Aquaflex has been used both domestically and internationally on over 10 million sq. ft of flooring installation, all of which at moisture levels NO adhesive in history has performed. Aquaflex is specified by some of the largest retailers, institutions and flooring manufactures in the world including: MOHAWK, Burlington Coat Factory, Walgreens and Kroger to name a few. Along the way, Benny has picked up a dozen US and foreign patents to date with over 20 patents still pending!

Dedicated to changing the way flooring is installed, Benny continues new product development with several innovations to be revealed soon.

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