Our Founder's Story



Our founder, Benny Dickens was born and raised in rural Arizona where his family, for several generations, worked as local commercial and residential contractors.


New Mexico State University – BA Chemistry, a member of the NMSU Div 1 football team, Benny started all 4 years at defensive line, was named Captain, earned PCAA All-Conference honors and named to the Div 8 Academic All-American team his Senior year.

California State University, Long Beach – MS Biochemistry, Benny was a teaching/research assistant. While still completing his eventual MS degree, Benny was recruited by GAF Chemicals to be part of their West Coast Technical Sales team.

Work Experience

GAF Chemical – While still in grad school, Benny was recruited by GAF Chemicals (at the time a Fortune 500 company) to be part of their West Coast Technical Sales team. In 1990, in his second year with the company Benny was awarded Worldwide ‘Sales/Tech of the Year’.

3V Chemical – Following GAF, at age 26, Benny became the youngest Regional Manager in the history of 3V Chemical, handling 9 industries and the entire western US.

Formulators – Seeking to satisfy his entrepreneurial spirit, Benny started Formulators in 2000. First producing private label moisture resistant adhesives, automotive products and textile auxiliaries. In 2003, Benny developed the first ‘8lb MVER Limit’ adhesive and the industry’s first moisture vapor retarding system. Benny eventually began branding his own products and spinning these brands off as separate corporations, Aquaflex and Dinowax.

Aquaflex – The world’s first patent waterproof flooring installation system.

Dinowax – The SOCAL “original” professional detailing product line.


In 2010, after 4 years of research and development with the goal to eliminate the need for epoxy moisture mitigation (MM), Benny introduced to the flooring industry the Aquaflex Waterproof Acoustic Flooring Installation System. Aquaflex is a WORLD’S FIRST, cures under water and is stable to a maximum pH 14.0 exposure INDEFINITELY.  The Aquaflex adhesive was soon followed by the flooring industries first SILICA-FREE and waterproof concrete surface repair mortar, Patch & Skim.  Aquaflex is the only COMPLETE waterproof system for flooring installation in the world.

Today, Benny remains 100% owner/operator of several corporations including Formulators, Aquaflex and Dinowax. Aquaflex has been used domestically and internationally on over 15 million sq. ft of flooring.  All of which, at moisture levels NO adhesive in history has performed. Aquaflex is specified by some of the largest retailers, institutions and flooring manufacturers in the world including: MOHAWK, Burlington, TJX, CVS, Walgreens and Kroger to name a few. Along the way, Benny has picked up a 11 US and foreign patents to date with over 20 patents still pending!

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