Aquaflex® A Waterproof Acoustic Installation System That Offers Moisture/pH Control

Moisture vapor emission rate and pH studies were conducted in accordance with ASTM F1869, often referred to as the Calcium chloride test. The results, were surprising considering the application of the Aquaflex® adhesive utilized the Gundlach CBD trowel notch (also developed by Formulators) having a 9/64” notch spread and coverage of approximately 235sf/gal. The application resulted in 30% less adhesive applied than typical trowel notch sizes recommended for VCT.


Moisture vapor emission rate (MVER)The moisture vapor emitted from a concrete slab is measured in pounds per ASTM F1869. This measurement is the equivalent weight of water evaporating from 1000 ft2 of concrete surface in a 24hr period. In a recent test, we asked the question, “Could Aquaflex potentially control MVER?” “In order to test the Aquaflex adhesive film for moisture control properties, we first created a 3-inch-thick slab with a mix designed specifically to allow high MVER. Second, we coated one side with Aquaflex using our CBD notch and smoothed the adhesive flat to mimic a wet set installation (Fig.1)””, said Benny Dickens CEO/Founder of Formulators and inventor of Aquaflex®. “The concrete slab was then suspended in water where CaCl kits were placed to measure simultaneously, avoiding any liquid water contamination (Fig. 2).” “After 72hrs we pulled the Calcium chloride disks and weighed for moisture gain. The side without adhesive measured 12.69lbs at pH 10, but to our surprise the Aquaflex film side gave us only 4.37lbs with a neutral pH 7!”, explained Mr. Dickens. “Aquaflex alone functioned to reduce MVER by nearly 300%. The moisture/pH control feature of Aquaflex is similar to many topical barriers. In this case, the barrier is also a waterproof glue!”


Aquaflex is NOT designed or sold as a moisture mitigation strategy, but Aquaflex does “CONTROL” moisture vapor emissions (MVER). So, when you’re asked, “Where does the moisture go?” the simple answer is that the moisture is allowed to pass but at a reduced and controlled manner within flooring manufacturer’s recommendation.

Key provisions of the Aquaflex Waterproof Installation System:

  • SILICA-Free… Aquaflex system includes waterproof and SILICA-Free concrete repair products
  • Acoustic Strategy… contributes to sound transmission reduction
  • Fast… accomplish one night what takes 3 days with traditional mitigation
  • Cost Effective… priced less than epoxy mitigation and rolled mitigation barriers
  • GREEN… Aquaflex is GREEN, non-hazardous, Zero VOC, having bio-based/sustainable content
  • Safe… is safe for interior environments in schools and passes IAQ 01350
  • Performance… warranted to an UNLIMITED moisture level, top to bottom