Aquaflex Eliminates the Need for an Acoustic Underlayment

Aquaflex Performs to Attenuate Sound!

Performance on par with many noise reduction underlayments

Results are in on the acoustic studies conducted by Intertek. The testing was conducted on a 6” concrete slab w/ ceiling assembly. We ran both the ASTM E90 (STC) and ASTM E492 (IIC) test protocols. TAJ provided the Select Planks/Royal Maple 3mm, 6” x 36” plank for testing. Our results were surprising considering we used the CBD trowel which is a 9/64” U-notch spread compared to typical LVT adhesives using a 1/32” sq notch spread (almost 2X the glue). Our results prove that Aquaflex adhesive, by itself, will attenuate sound in both ASTM protocols comparable to systems of acoustical underlayment with adhesive. More importantly our values exceed the IBC Code 2006 for noise abatement.


Sound Transmission Class (STC) is an ASTM E90 measurement of the amount of sound transmitted through the floor. (Like the noise from an upstairs TV)

Impact Insulation Class (IIC) is an ASTM E492 measurement of the amount of sound transferred by impact to the floor. (Like the sound from high heels)

Type of Sound Generated STC required to make inaudible
Normal speech 30-35
Loud speech 40-45
Shouting 50-55

Legal and Practical Code Requirements

Section 1207 of International Building Code 2006 states that separation between dwelling units and between dwelling units and public and service areas must achieve STC 50 and IIC 50 for both air and structure-borne sound.

Test Results:

Installation of LVT over 6” concrete slab with ceiling assembly

Product Description $/sf STC IIC
LVT w/ conventional adhesive w/o underlayment 25-30 35-40
LVT w/ Iso-Step Floor Underlayment 2mm, recycled rubber (Acoustical Solutions) 0.46 63 50
LVT w/ Armstrong Quiet comfort 1mm, Polypropylene foam with poly film 0.66 62 64
LVT w/ SolidWalk LT- Fiber MB 3.2mm, synthetic fiber blend with poly film 0.45 54 58
LVT w/ TrafficMASTER Acoustical 3.2mm, synthetic fiber with poly film 0.50 54 60
LVT w/ The Silencer LVT 1.5mm, high density Polyurethane foam with poly film 0.69 68 73
LVT w/ attached cork COREtec Plus – 8mm total thickness (1.5mm cork) 3.99 62 62
LVT w/ Aquaflex Aquaflex adhesive using CBD notch trowel 62 57

Aquaflex, is not only the sole installation system supplied:

  • Waterproof
  • SILICA-Free
  • Complete
  • Warranted for the ‘Life of the Floor’
  • Warranted Against Failure to Topical Water
  • Bio-based, LEED, CHPS (01350), Zero VOC and GREEN

But, serves additionally as a NOISE Abatement Strategy!