Aquaflex- Offers the Only Bi-Directional Warranty in the Flooring Business

Elevated Concrete Moisture has NOT been a Problem Historically for the Flooring Industry.

In fact, up until about 25 years ago solvent based adhesives were the norm. Also missing from standard practice was the requirement for moisture testing. At that time ASTM was more noted for installation practice than moisture testing protocol as it is today. With the advent of water-based adhesives, the industry moved from essentially a waterproof installation practice to a moisture-sensitive system. I ask a lot of “old timers” about installations that never required moisture testing, never required a “third party consultant”, questions related to sub-slab vapor barriers were never asked. Most of the “old timers” reminisce how nice it would be to go back to a day when they could just concern themselves with the flooring installation and not the threat of adhesive failure and the need for moisture mitigation. A time without the RISK.

Today’s installer is not unlike our “millennial” generation. Raised with Facebook, Twitter, HD video games and Instagram. Today’s installer understands that all adhesives are sensitive to moisture and that the only solution is to provide mitigation in order to protect the final installation. The thought of a waterproof installation system is foreign, alien, impossible. After all, if waterproof adhesives were possible, then why hasn’t Shaw or Mapei or Armstrong provided one. The truth is… they did, could, but don’t. The “why”… well, you would have to ask them.

When I discuss Aquaflex to the younger generation of installers I often get some interesting responses:

  • Q – Where does the moisture go? A – Same place it was going when you tore-up the floor with the cut-back adhesive.
  • Q – Isn’t the moisture going to cause hydrostatic pressures that will blow the floor off? A – No, that is not how moisture (water) works. Water is incompressible. Hydrostatic pressures can only develop when the installation is below grade and below the exterior water table. (Personally, I have never documented a hydrostatic conditions in 30 years).

Questions like these go on and on. It’s as if the current generation has never attended a basic science class. Never questioned the why. Never bothered to gain an historical perspective.

Aquaflex is the world’s first waterproof installation system. I say this as a challenge and no one has yet to call me on it. The truth is in reality, Aquaflex is a “re-introduction” of waterproof installation. I guess it’s something only an “old timer” like myself could understand.

Aquaflex provides the only warranty in the flooring industry to protect an installation from failure due to moisture in two directions. We offer a 10 year warranty against unlimited concrete moisture and topical liquid water intrusion. Just like the old days, when waterproof meant WATERPROOF.