Aquaflex Patch Mix and Skim-Fast products are now Patent Pending

X-Ray Diffraction Results

The compound chemistry/mineralogy of the Aquaflex Patch Mix sample is dominated by a mixture of calcite + larnite + calcium aluminum oxide (+ ~ 10% other minor components). Crystalline SiO2 (i.e., quartz + cristobalite + Tridymite) accounts for < 0.5% of the sample (present as traces of quartz in this case). This sample does contain significant amounts of larnite (one of the most abundant hydraulic cement compounds in Portland cement). Larnite is a calcium silicate (Ca2SiO4) phase that accounts for nearly ALL of the elemental silicon present in this sample. Crystalline SiO2 is not present as a significant mineral phase in the concrete repair products.

The Flooring Industry’s ONLY Waterproof SILICA-FREE Installation System

Aquaflex is the means to AVOID moisture mitigation.

Epoxy mitigation is not the answer and Aquaflex Patch Mix avoids just that. Epoxy mitigation is a $5.00/sf solution to protect a $0.25/sf adhesive. Epoxy mitigation specifies concrete shot-blasting as necessary to achieve CSP 3 profiling of the concrete surface per ASTM F3010, but if you’re an architect and are specifying epoxy, then you’re specifying the creation and exposure of workers and possibly your clients to hazardous, respirable concrete silica, (RCS).

The Flooring Industry needs to return to the days when:

  • Adhesives didn’t fail to moisture
  • Flooring installations would last 20 years
  • Moisture testing wasn’t necessary
  • Flooring consultants didn’t exist
  • Mitigation was unheard of
  • The liability of loss didn’t cloud every potential installation

The Aquaflex Difference:

  • Coupled with SILICA-FREE, waterproof concrete repair
  • Bio-based, sustainable content
  • 0 VOC
  • Standard floor prep requirements
  • Odorless
  • Foot traffic in less than 3hrs
  • Easy scrape and replace for carpet tile applications
  • Warranted for the “Life of the Floor
  • Warranted “Top to Bottom” against failure from either concrete moisture, aggressive maintenance or a leaking pipe
  • A 10 year track record of success and millions of square feet installed
  • Qualifying CHPS and LEED