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How long has Aquaflex been around?
What are the moisture limits for Aquaflex?
What type of moisture testing is recommended before using Aquaflex?
What if the flooring manufacturer says they will not warrant their floor without their adhesive?
The flooring contractor says only epoxy will maintain the flooring manufacturers warranty, is this true?
I thought it was impossible to make a waterproof adhesive for flooring. Is Aquaflex too good to be true?
When is it time to use Aquaflex?
What flooring products can I install using Aquaflex?
What size trowel do I use to apply Aquaflex?
What else is included in a unit of Aquaflex?
What is the shelf life of Aquaflex?
How much does Aquaflex cost?
Is there anything a flooring contractor should know before they use Aquaflex for the first time?
What do I need to do to prep the concrete before application?
Can the installer shot blast or bead blast the concrete to prepare it for Aquaflex?
What if years later I need to remodel and change the flooring?
What type of warranty does Aquaflex have?
Does Formulators manufacture all of the Aquaflex system components?
What's my lead time and do you ship direct or through distribution?

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