Flooring Trends for 2020

So far 2020 looks to be a great year for flooring. There’s a lot of new products that you can expect to see, but there are some classics that will be seen.

Why do you need a “flooring trend”?

It’s interesting to note that when people consider remodeling or building new, they will look at the latest cabinets and appliances, the newest paint colors and even roofing materials. Meanwhile, the one thing that’s in every single room (even if you don’t install anything) is the floor.

There’s a chance that you won’t change your flooring for 10 to 15 years. Installing a durable, stylish floor will make your home or commercial property pop.

Choose well and you’ll have a floor that will enhance your home and make a comfortable place to be.

Our Predictions for the Flooring Trends of 2020

  1. Environmentally responsible flooring – Over the past couple of decades, there has been a strong consumer push toward more responsible flooring. Home buyers are looking for wooden floors that are made from local woods and sustainable sources. Renewable and recycled materials are huge as consumers look for ways to reduce their negative impact on their world. This means a decreased demand for exotic and rare wood from rainforests and more local maples and oaks. Bamboo is also very popular since it’s extremely renewable.
  2. Waterproof flooring – Many homeowners are looking for flooring solutions that are more durable than they previously tolerated. They are looking for flooring solutions that might last a decade or more. Today, there are a lot of waterproof choices, such as laminate, vinyl, and even some waterproof carpets. Water damage on a gorgeous hardwood floor is a travesty, but new coatings have made it so that the most beautiful and delicate-looking floors are protected from moisture. This is especially huge for pet owners as dog ownership is increasing rapidly.
  3. Big tiles – There has been a constant move toward bigger and bigger tiles. Tiles with a wood look give you the durability of tils with the warmth of wood. Tile is also making its way out of bathrooms and kitchens and being used in living rooms, bedrooms, and even hallways. Tile gives you a versatility of color with amazing durability. This is what makes it so attractive. Another trend for 2020 will be textured flooring, and tile is perfect for this. Floors that a wooden texture, pebbled, or even just soft contours will be big this year. 
  4. Bleached and weathered-looking wood – The days of every hardwood floor being brown are gone. Many homeowners are opting for wood that has a bleached or gray look. Bleaching or blanching wood gives it a gray, washed-out color while retaining the wood grain look.This is a continuation of a trend that started a long time ago of barn boards. Many homeowners love the look of boards that come off of barns that are weathered and gray. This is the precise look that you get from blanched wood.
  5. Black & white – Harkening back to an art Deco look, there is a trend toward black and white tiles. These can have patterns on them or simply be black and white checkered. The effect is timeless. It’s a look that can be found in ancient Roman baths and 20th century mansions. The newer tile designs can include elaborate decorations in black on a stark white background. All in all, it’s an amazing effect that will look fantastic 20 years from now.

Back to Classics

Many flooring trends, as with overall building trends, are leaning toward more classic designs and colors. There’s a move away from designs and colors that might lose their appeal in a couple of years.

Part of this trend is caused by Millennials who are tending to buy their “forever” homes as their first home. It’s no longer normal for them to buy a small home in their twenties and then grow into a larger one later. They are buying larger homes for the families they’re expecting right away. Thus, they’re designing for the long term, not for a house flip in 5 or 7 years.

What are the trends you’re expecting to see in 2020?