Installation Process

A Simple Step-by-Step Guide demonstrating an
AquaflexONE Installation of our Aquaflex System.

Step 1

Moisture testing prior to installation per flooring manufacturers instruction is NOT a condition of warranty. All concrete surfaces must be prepared prior to adhesive application per ASTM F710, level, firm, SMOOTH, POROUS and CLEAN. Mechanical bead-blasting is NOT recommended.

Fill pop-outs, cracks, holes, and depressions using only Aquaflex Patch & Skim. The concrete MUST be SMOOTH, POROUS and CLEAN in order to facilitate bonding with Aquaflex.

If the project is a remodel, remove old adhesive with an appropriate cut-away disk attachment.

To determine SMOOTH, gauge the concrete surface using a painter’s edge or carpenter’s level. A gap in excess of 1/16” may telegraph resulting in visual lippage.

Finish the use of Aquaflex Patch & Skim products by sanding, vacuuming and giving the slab a mop for final dust removal.

DO NOT use sweeping compounds.

Step 2
Step 3
Step 4

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