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AquaflexONE Affiliate Dealers are certified installers with qualified success installing commercial resilient flooring with the Patented Aquaflex Waterproof Acoustic Installation System.

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Certified Affiliate Dealer Network

AquaflexONE Affiliate Dealers are certified installers with qualified success installing commercial resilient flooring with the patented Aquaflex Waterproof Acoustic Installation System. Affiliate members are featured on the Aquaflex web site and are promoted as qualified installers for national bid contracts. AquaflexONE Affiliates receive preferred status, discounts, social media promotion, exclusive project leads and supplemental marketing materials.


  • Provide list/details pertaining to Aquaflex projects successfully completed.
  • Create AquaflexONE Affiliate Member profile.
  • Follow Aquaflex social media platforms including LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

Aquaflex® offers Affiliate memberships based upon the involvement, participation, exposure and commitment of each applicant. If granted, a purchase code will be provided for a 10% discount off the established market price of Aquaflex adhesive. A minimum purchase of $2000.00 is required. The AquaflexONE Affiliate discount is applied to Aquaflex adhesive only and not subject to Aquaflex concrete repair products or Aquaflex Repair Kits.


  • AquaflexONE certification is annual.
  • Modification/dilution/ tampering/mixing of the Aquaflex products is prohibited.
  • Re-creation of the Aquaflex logo, marketing materials prohibited.
  • Territory or area exclusivities are NOT provided.
  • $2,000.00 MOQ.
  • Discounts do not apply to freight costs or concrete repair products.
  • AquaflexONE discounts may not be applicable for some national program specifications.

All Aquaflex Affiliate content should be either “tagged” with the Aquaflex® logo, #Aquaflex, #STILLMITIGATING? and the specific flooring material/mfr identified. To maintain your “Affiliation” in ACTIVE standing you will be required to:

  • Post approved “quality”content publicly (I.e., LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook & YouTube)
  • Post “Case Studies” of completed projects.
  • Promote Aquaflex® as THE alternative to Epoxy Moisture Mitigation (EMM)
  • Maintain an ACTIVE order history.
  • Maintain an ACTIVE social media presence.
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Once your application is received, we will contact you via DM/email or mail within
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