RB+B Architects and JHL Constructors Choose Aquaflex Waterproof Installation System

(Santa Ana, CA) November 1, 2018 – The Aquaflex® Waterproof Installation System was used to install nearly 26,000 square feet of carpet tile and luxury vinyl tile by RB+B Architects for two elementary schools, part of the Adams 12 District in suburban Denver.

The Adams 12 School District was facing a dilemma. The had a new school ready to be open for classes in August but no flooring. Moisture testing and delays had pushed the final finishing of the new school space deep into July. Now with less than 30 days they need to install about 26,000sf of flooring over concrete expressing moisture values above 90% RH. The industry standard epoxy moisture mitigation was tendered by the local flooring contractor. Besides the fact they were running short of time. They were also running short of money and the change order request for over $140,000 for mitigation on top of the contracted installation cost was a non-starter.

RB+B reached out to Aquaflex for help. Working with the general contractor JHL, a plan of action was drawn, flooring samples were tested and documentation submitted for the substitution of the Aquaflex Waterproof Installation system in lieu of mitigation. The switch took approximately 5 days and material was en route. The Aquaflex process utilizes standard ASTM F-710 floor prep. Our waterproof “silica-free” concrete repair was used to skim the profile smooth in the areas receiving LVT. After the prep work was complete, the rooms were marked up, adhesive was spread and the flooring material was placed. Aquaflex cures in 3hrs to foot traffic. No delays for excessive profiling or primers. It was a simple, spread set and go. Botha Arapahoe Ridge and Cotton Creek Elementary Schools were open for the kids in record time. No toxic residues or hazardous dust left behind. Aquaflex is a safe, GREEN, VOC exempt, bio-based adhesive that passes CHPS 01350 testing and contributes LEED.

The best part of all was the cost savings over mitigation. 26,000sf with a change order for about $35,000. A six-figure savings to the community of Westminster, CO.

Key provisions of the Aquaflex Waterproof Installation System:

  • SILICA-Free… Aquaflex system includes waterproof and SILICA-Free concrete repair products
  • Acoustic Strategy… contributes to sound transmission reduction
  • Fast… accomplish one night what takes 3 days with traditional mitigation
  • Cost Effective… priced less than epoxy mitigation and rolled mitigation barriers
  • GREEN… Aquaflex is GREEN, non-hazardous, Zero VOC, having bio-based/sustainable content
  • Safe… is safe for interior environments in schools and passes IAQ 01350
  • Performance… warranted to an UNLIMITED moisture level, top to bottom